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Where to Find the Most Authentic & Best Indian Food in Chicago

Traveling through Chicago, you will find a diverse culinary landscape from deep dish pizza to Italian beef sandwiches, but for the most authentic Indian cuisine, look no further than the Devon Avenue neighborhood.

Lined with aromatic spices and flavors of the subcontinent, Devon Avenue serves up the real deal when you are craving the intense medleys of aromatic spices, rich curries, and soft, chewy breads Indian food is known for.

While there are many restaurants to choose from, Tandoori Chicago stands out for its exceptional tandoori specialties and delectable menu, serving up all your favorites like chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and more.

With its welcoming atmosphere and talented chefs, Tandoori Chicago restaurant is a must-visit for an authentic meal and for the best Indian food in Chicago.

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Why Tandoori Chicago Stands as the Top Restaurant For Authentic Indian Cuisine

For authentic North Indian cuisine in an upscale yet casual setting, look no further than Tandoori Chicago.

We are known for our tandoori dishes like marinated meats and seafood roasted in a clay oven. 

Pair it with garlic naan, basmati rice, and flavorful sides like aloo gobi or chana masala. With a menu focused on quality meats and freshness, Tandoori Chicago aims to transport you to India with every bite.

tandoori chicago - pakistani and indian cuisine

Tandoori Chicago stands out as the best restaurant to find authentic Indian cuisine in the city.

Our tandoori specialties, cooked to perfection in their clay ovens by skilled chefs, taste as if you’re dining in India.

The samosas and other appetizers are made with care, using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients. 

The curries and accompaniments are made from scratch daily, allowing the rich, complex flavors of Indian spices to really shine through.

We strives to recreate the dining experience of eating “real” Indian food, from the warm hospitality to the authentic flavors on your plate.

Tandoori Chicago – The Hidden Gem for Real Deal Indian Food

Authentic North Indian Cuisine

Tandoori Chicago restaurant is renowned for its authentic North Indian cuisine.

The menu features delicacies from Punjab, Delhi and Lucknow made from the freshest ingredients and family recipes passed down through generations. 

Some highlights include butter chicken, a creamy tomato-based dish; dal makhani, black lentils slow-cooked with spices; and naan, leavened flatbread baked in a traditional tandoor.

Attentive Service in an Elegant Ambiance

From the moment you enter the restaurant, the dedicated staff provide attentive yet unobtrusive service so you can fully enjoy your dining experience.

tandoori chicago restaurant interior

The interior is decorated in warm tones with traditional Indian textiles and art, striking the perfect balance between casual and formal. 

Whether hosting a business dinner, celebrating a special occasion or simply craving an extraordinary meal, Tandoori Chicago’s refined ambiance and seamless service ensure an evening to remember.

A Culinary Journey to North India

For an authentic taste of North Indian food without leaving Chicago, look no further than Tandoori Chicago restaurant.

Through its delectable cuisine, premium beverages, and impeccable hospitality, this hidden gem restaurant transports diners on a culinary journey to the colorful bazaars and spice-scented kitchens of Punjab, Delhi and beyond. 

An evening at Tandoori Chicago restaurant is not just a meal but an opportunity to discover the vibrant flavors and rich culture of North Indian food.

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Top 5 Dishes You Must Try at Tandoori Chicago

Chicken Makhni

A classic North Indian dish of boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, then simmered in a creamy tomato sauce. 

The sauce is flavored with fenugreek leaves and garam masala. At Tandoori Chicago restaurant, the chicken makhni is made with the highest quality ingredients and bursting with flavor in every bite.

Karahi Chicken

Karahi chicken is a popular Pakistani dish of chicken curry cooked in a karahi, which is a thick, circular pot. The dish consists of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked with tomatoes, onions, and green chilies. 

Tandoori Chicago’s restaurant karahi chicken is aromatic and bold, with the perfect amount of heat. It is usually served with naan to soak up the flavorful sauce.

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Tandoori Chicken

marinated and juicy tandoori chicken

No Indian meal is complete without tandoori chicken. Chicken marinated in a yogurt blend with spices like red chili, garam masala, and turmeric, then grilled in a tandoor. 

The tandoor’s high, dry heat gives the chicken a smoky, charred exterior while keeping the meat juicy. Tandoori Chicago’s version is considered by many to be the most authentic in Chicago.

Chicken Frontier

With a menu focused on quality meats and freshness, Tandoori Chicago aims to transport you to India with every bite. Cubed chicken is marinated in a chili garlic paste and fried with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and spices.

Tandoori Chicago’s chicken frontier is a flavor explosion, with the perfect blend of heat and tang.


haleem dish

A porridge-like dish of wheat, lentils, and meat, a food slow cooked for hours. Haleem is a staple during Ramadan and special occasions.

Tandoori Chicago’s haleem is made with chicken and flavored with aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Creamy yet complex, it is a comforting dish meant for sharing.

With quality ingredients, authentic flavors, and impeccable service, Tandoori Chicago offers an unparalleled Indian dining experience.

Our top dishes highlight the vibrant diversity of Indian regional cuisines. A visit here is a must for any food lover in Chicago seeking an authentic taste of India.

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Conclusion – Best Indian Food in Chicago

After exploring the vibrant and diverse Indian food scene in Chicago, it’s clear there are many excellent options to satisfy your cravings. From flavorful curries to crispy dosas, you can find authentic dishes from all regions of India. 

However, for the very best combination of authenticity and atmosphere, look no further than Tandoori Chicago. Their talented chefs expertly prepare classics like chicken tikka masala and saag paneer using family recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Dining at Tandoori Chicago allows you to experience India’s incredible culinary traditions without leaving the Windy City. With outstanding food, warm hospitality, and beautiful decor, this restaurant provides an unforgettable Indian dining experience you’ll want to return to again and again.

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